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For more information call: (520) 406-3723
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Want to Jump On the Online Course Bandwagon? First Find Your Topic.

I want to offer an online course, but I'm not sure what topic to teach.

Choosing your topic.. well it is a big deal.  You will be pouring yourself into researching your topic, coming up with creative ideas to present your topic, and you will likely eat, breath, and sleep thinking about your topic so you want to make sure it’s one you’re willing to put all of this effort into.  Don’t choose a topic just because you think it will be a good money maker.  Yes, if you want to sell your course it is an important thing to consider, but not the primary reason.  Your passion and experience will shine through if you choose a topic you really care about, and want to help others to grow in.  In many cases the money will follow the passion. 

Where Do I Start?

Whether you have too many topics to choose from, or you simply can’t think of one, take some time to explore before you settle.  However, you should give yourself a deadline for when you will commit to a topic so that you don’t spend years hopping from one topic to another and never finishing anything. 

My Deadline for Choosing a Topic is ________

Two things to consider when choosing a topic are:

  1. What do I know well?
  2. Who is my audience?

Your Audience

First ask yourself, "What problem does my audience, or my potential audience, have that I can help solve?"  and "Where does what I know meet what my audience needs?"  You don’t have to be an expert necessarily, you just need to be able to speak to someone who might just be starting.  For example, maybe you are a photographer, you might not be the photographer with the most Instagram regrams, but the average person with a new iPhone would sure benefit from your wisdom on lighting a subject's face for the best photograph.

Creative Ways to Choose a Topic

Method #1

What are some compliments others have given you?  Take one-minute and write down all the compliments you can remember.  These can be personal or professional.  Get your brag on – it’s okay you’re not showing this to anyone.

Still at a loss?  Ask a friend, family member, or business colleague to write down 5 - 10 topic he or she thinks you would be good at teaching.

Method #2

Get your creative juices flowing.  Did you know that creativity happens best when you relax and let your brain have some freedom?  Write down 20 topic ideas.  Your first few are the obvious ones – not all that creative, but as you get those out of the way you start writing down the more creative ones.  Don’t worry that some of the topics are silly, or impractical, give your brain the freedom to create.

Can't relax?  Answer this question:  

If you could do anything, or be anything without regard to age, money, etc. what would you be/do?

Now try coming up with a topic.

Method #3:

When you are talking with friends what topics of conversation excite you the most?  What questions do your friends/colleagues ask you the most?  Create a list.

Method #4:

Reflecting back.  Think back to when you started your career, or if you are just starting your career, think back to when you were trying to determine what career to pursue.  What are some things that you learned early in your career, or during your career search that might help someone else in the same position now?  What do you wish someone would have told you? 

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to start building out your topic, there is no better time to get started.  

Join us for a weekly live online course where we will work step-by-step to make a course and put it up on a learning management system where you can begin selling your course.

Or maybe you would like some one-on-one coaching to get started.










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